Some more information about my Project Management background

My 10 year plus career as a project manager in Australia is presented in detail in my resume, and I have included some career highlights below:

I have managed development of a number of bespoke software products (Java and .Net), spanning multiple successful development life cycles, implementation of their system platforms, and building their underlying network infrastructure. I also managed implementation of commercial off-the-shelf solutions and have configured or customised these specifically to meet detailed client requirements.

These have included portal implementations, web services, virtual platforms and cloud-based services, content-document-record management, identity management, knowledge management, online learning, enterprise ‘smart’ search, and line-of-business application integration.

My applications experience includes, but is not limited to, a focus on development and implementation of portals and service delivery platforms for ERP, CRM, SCM, Information Management, Content Management, Document Management, Human Resources and related enterprise applications.

I have also managed business migrations, identity management, systems integration, network infrastructure, data migration, roll-out/implementation and business continuity/disaster recovery projects, managing stages from initiation, solution definition, development, implementation, through commissioning and project closure. So my portfolio includes a fair amount of infrastructure project work complementing my application projects.

As an analyst I have extensive experience in documentation of critical business process, process mapping, gap analysis and business continuity, as well as development of requirements for applications and systems. I am a skilled facilitator for workshops and focus groups, and as a seasoned project manager am able to use my stakeholder engagement skills to gain consensus from stakeholders.

I combine technical proficiency with quality communication and soft people skills to provide empathetic management of stakeholder expectations, and have leadership skills to manage both teams and vendors (offshore/onshore), as well as help customer organisations accommodate change. Having over ten years of experience in project management, I have a good grasp of governance and have coached organisations to tailor methodologies suitable to their enterprise.